Values lay the groundwork for your goals; goals lead to the fulfillment of your mission; your mission leads to the realisation of your work - your legacy! Thank you Christine Hepburn, for all the foundations you laid with the Tailrace Centre in regards to this. We are indebted to you.

Sharon O'Neill
Tailrace Centre Launceston Tasmania.

Christine, Thank you so much for your support, it is invaluable. I will certainly recommend The Defining Edge to the businesses that I interact with who would benefit from your services. Your passion and understanding of small business is very apparent and I am sure that any business that engaged your services would be making a wise investment in their future.

Andrew Windle
State Manager
Business Mentor Services Tasmania

Your knowledge is very inspiring christine, i sit in awe of you listening to you speak and i can not wait for our next session. Your wealth of knowledge can bring a lot to my business.

Capri, Launceston.

Dear Christine,

Thank you for being a speaker as part of the Rewards for Business webinar. Suzi and the team here thoroughly enjoyed having you as part of our Victoria's Small Business Festival program. Your knowledge of how to create a better experience from a clients perspective was invaluable to our community and we appreciate you taking the time to impart your knowledge. On behalf of the Australian Businesswomen's Network, thank you again and we hope you continue to support and inspire women in business.

Anna Betcher
Executive Assistant + Event Coordinator
Australian Businesswomen's Network

What a wonderful session Christine. Thank you for the first of an eight month series. I am really looking forward to learning with you and the rest of the group.

Joanne Roles

Wonderful session... Can't wait till the next one :-)

Shani St Aulbins VA+

Christine, You, my lady, are one of those people who the world needs, thank you so much for your help and support.

Alan Moyle Photobat.

Thank you for sharing your wonderful knowledge Christine.

Vivienne Bartle,
Cinergee Launceston

Christine's approach to her clients is exemplary; she pays particular attention to both personal and professional business presentation(s) and her ideas and strategies 'value-add' to any business who utilises her services"

Michael Purtell
Northern Executive

Christine epitomises the phrase "walk the talk". She is articulate, polished, insightful, warm and generous. Christine has worked with, what are now thanks to her expertise, businesses that have amazing customer service - she empowers people and companies to give their customers and clients an unforgettably positive experience. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Christine.

Susan Henshaw
Henshaw Enterprises

Years of experience and an exceptional standard of service will guarantee any client of Christine Hepburn to have their expectations totally exceeded. In addition, Christine is a person of character and integrity. In every situation that I have seen Christine present, her delivery was professional, systems were seamless and her communication techniques creative. Previous clients testify to her preparation, approachable attitude and diligent follow-up. In summary, Christine Hepburn is the calibre of Corporate Trainer who can motivate your employees, improve the company's productivity and inspire the organisation to shift to a higher level of service and aptitude.

Brian Horan
Founder, CEO & Principal Trainer, Empowering Training Solutions

I have worked with Christine Hepburn and have found the experience personally highly advantageous as I learn something I can improve on each time. Training together has been complementary and enjoyable for us as our topics blend well. Her approach to every aspect of training is exceptional, diligently planned and executed. Christine always endeavours to take one step more than required by offering tailor made training material based on the presented needs. Each client is treated as top priority and receives expert attention in assessing the needs, training and follow up. The feedback from clients and colleagues is of the highest regard and I look forward to us training together many times in the future.

Karen Mackerell

Christine is a lady who makes you feel amazing by just being in her presence. Her attention to detail, warm manner, high integrity and professionalism makes her the person to go to for advice and training on all customer service and image matters. Don't just believe me.... have a coffee with her and you will walk away better for the experience and knowing she is the person to assist you build your business...

Celine Egan
TCY Coaching

Christine is a knowledgable, confident trainer and motivational speaker. Recognised as an international customer experience specialist who has provided great assistance to Business and Employment over the past couple of years. Christine is always happy to go the extra mile to assist her clients and I warmly recommend her.

Alan Alwood
Business & Employment

Christine has been a BMST volunteer Mentor since January 2011 and has already assisted many small businesses on our behalf. The feedback from clients has been exceptional, like me they have all been impressed by Christine's professionalism, warm friendly personality and above all her enthusiasm and passion for business. Christine has given me great assistance to develop BMST and is always ready to help. I am delighted to have any opportunity to recommend Christine.

Andrew Windle
State manager, BMST

I had the privilege of attending a presentation on customer service Christine gave to The International Coach Federation, Victoria. I thought her message was strong, yet presented in a crisp, thought provoking and practical manner. I will recommend her to my business coaching clients without hesitation. She was great!!

Warren Sanft
Sanft & Associates

Christine is truly passionate about helping people be the best that they can. Christine gave me the skills and confidence to take my business to the next level. I would recommend Christine to anyone who is on a quest for continuous improvement!

Samantha Clarke
Fresh Risk Solutions

If you really want to make an impact on your customers you need to deliver an amazing customer experience and I really couldn't suggest a better person to help you and your team create that experience than Christine Hepburn. A customer experience specialist, Christine is passionate about training people to deliver a customer experience that will create loyalty and advocacy - and what business can flourish without that? If you want to improve the way your staff treat your customers, make sure you get in touch with Christine.

Dawn Russell
Carcassonne Training, Coaching and Consulting

Christine was engaged to provide training on Exceptional Customer Service, the training provided was extremely well received and valuable for participants. Christine is a true professional in every sense of the word and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her services or use her in the future.

John Brown
Business & Employment

Dear Christine,

Thank you for all your feedback and advice. You are fantastic at your job and I can see why everyone raves about you.

Alan Moyle.
Photobat Launceston

I attended the Environ presentation last night hosted by Monique Kode and I'd just like to say that I found your brief training session so inspiring. I'm glad I wrote down a lot of what you said as I know it will come in handy time and again in the future.

Thank you so much,
Lel Cooper

Dear Christine,

Thank you again for your wonderful skills and enthusiasm, which always make any course you run a success.

Mark Jeffrey
Site Manager
Choose Employment

The Defining Edge has proven to be a very valuable resource to say the least.

I have very successfully honed my customer service skills over the past twenty years, yet there is always something to be learned or improved upon, which in turn enables us to be better at what we do differently from the "rest".

The course I attended, which was held by Christine, has imparted countless strategies, which once implemented, can effectively manage commonplace issues affecting many businesses in the service industry. These strategies are geared to improving the overall performance of the business, interaction between colleagues and Management, and in particular enhancing the customer experience, giving you an edge and setting you apart from any competitors.

Thank you Christine, you're a Gem.

Angela Darke
City Automotive Mornington

Hi Christine,

Thank you for your inspiring presentation. I believe every event we have in Triabunna helps the town and its people to grow and develop.


Britt Steiner
Gallery Artspaces

Dear Christine,

I would like to thank you for your wonderful and insightful training that you facilitated for our Employment Pathway Final Step program.

Your professionalism, knowledge, flexibility and ability to relate to all our clients made the whole course a resounding success. Our clients learnt and enjoyed the experience and examples you provided.

It is very inspiring to work with a truly professional and thorough person who imparts such powerful knowledge.

I would recommend anyone in business to place their trust in Christine to enhance the skills and knowledge of their clients and to move them forward to a better destination, be it personally or professionally.

We look forward to continuing a strong relationship with Christine and The Defining Edge.

Yours faithfully
Mark Jeffrey
Site Manager
Choose Employment

"I recently had the priviledge of attending an event with Christine Hepburn of The Defining Edge, and found it to be the most inspiring and helpful customer service presentation I have ever attended. Being in the travel industry for over twenty years and being extremely passionate about service excellence, I have attended many seminars on this important topic, but none have come close to Christine's! I would recommend everyone to attend a Defining Edge seminar … Christine exudes professionalism and credibility which is so rare today!"


Dear Christine,

I would like to thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience with us at the Exceptional Customer Experience Workshop.

In just one day you did magic with our business, we feel now confident enough knowing our clients will receive a service at the top level of excellence, what they really deserve. This will help us fulfill our desire to set a new standard of excellence in Australia and grow our business in a sustainable and rewarding way.

It is very inspiring to meet someone with such a level of congruence; you are the perfect portrait of excellence. It is an honour to have you as our mentor in this particular area of our business and lives.

I would recommend anyone in business to invest their time and resources on enhancing their customer service and do so with the best in her field.

We look forward to sharing our journey of creating exceptional experiences to our clients and associates.

With warm regards,
Mariana Suarez
Marketing and Client Services
Lannex IT Solutions

We found Christine to be totally engaging with our staff, putting them at ease very early on.

To have a training company back up our own in-house training was invaluable to us and confirms the importance of exceptional customer service.

Christine's approach and style of training is easy to follow and understand. Having our staff be part of the problem solving in examples used, put them in good stead for real life situations.

We would highly recommend The Defining Edge to anyone and will certainly be using them in the future.

Theresa Streefland
Owner Cocobean Chocolate Launceston
Winner Service Excellence Awards 2010
Winner Business Excellence Awards 2010

Mick Alexander

Lansgrove Financial Group Victoria

"I had the privilege of being a participant in Christine Hepburn’s training course on passion and customer service. I have to say she is very passionate herself and the tools she gave us have well equipped us to go back and do a fantastic job across many different types of businesses and take our business to a new level. I have no hesitation in recommending Christine to any business at all. She will be a fantastic asset in training with content which will be an asset to your business."

Janene Forlong
Echelon Concepts NZ

Judeth Wilson

Upfront Communications Sydney

Max Poznanovich

In Your Face Creative Exposure NZ

"I have been privileged to have been trained by Christine Hepburn. I really enjoyed the training where she taught us how to be passionate about customer service. It is something everyone should do, especially when you are in business and have people coming through your door. I loved the training Christine. Thank you so much and I will definitely be back for more. "

Brenda Bell
Zimbabwe Training Institute

Francine Bishop

Wollongong NSW

"The Defining Edge doesn’t just offer training, they inspire exceptional results through experience and passion. "

Benjamin Martin,
Owner, Glasshaus Couture Eyewear, Launceston.