We are about creating the exceptional

The need today for businesses to up-skill their people, is paramount. Soft skills are defined professional people skills and are equally important to the success and growth of your business as your technical abilities. Are your people a cost to your business or are they your best asset?

Empower them with the professional skills to help you create a five star experience for your client base increasing customer satisfaction levels, developing long term relationships, therefore maintaining an edge over your competitors. Help them create the skills to achieve their true leadership potential, communicate effectively, work efficiently, use their time productively, motivate and inspire their teams.

At The Defining Edge we are all about you offering tailored specialist soft skills training solutions with tangible results, dedicated to your business excellence.

Trained and valued staff will be motivated staff, and motivation is regarded as more important than money by most yet costs very little in the overall picture of your business.

Profitability and productivity are enhanced when skill bases are provided with the latest information in an environment set to suit all learning styles.

Do you know the percentage of clients who leave a business due to a perceived indifference?

We do, and we can show your staff how to avoid those statistics.

Do they know the difference between good service and a true client or customer experience – and more importantly, how to provide it?

We do, and we can show them how.

Enhancing skills in key areas can offer greater business success, job satisfaction, and personal fulfillment translating into a more productive environment with much higher levels of customer experience and staff retention. These benefits align to create a more competitive business.

It is commitment, productivity and ability to add value that keeps you competitive.

Contact us now for a free training needs analysis where we can work with you identifying the challenges your business faces, and you can assess the benefits of our training for your individual requirements.

We offer a commitment to your business, to your delegates, and to the outcome of each training seminar.

Exciting news for all organisations who book training through us. We donate a portion of your training fee toward providing an education for children in disadvantaged countries. These children would normally not have access to an education beyond the most basic early primary school years. The very opportunities we take for granted.

As your business gains the skills to reach your peak performance, so too can we see these children gain an education allowing them to reach their full potential.