It is time to choose which course to follow, or the endless drift of events will choose for you.

Welcome to The Defining Edge

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We are all about you

  • Have you considered how your clients or customers perceive your business?
  • Have you considered how your staff represent you at each touch point , every time?
  • Do your clients rave about their experience with your organisation?
  • Can your leaders inspire their people?
  • Can you afford to lose up to 68% of your clients or customers to your competitors without ever knowing why?

In today's highly competitive business environment it is essential that companies and individuals provide a standard of service that sets them apart.

Exceptional Customer Service is a critical success factor in any financial environment, and is often underestimated for the overall impact it has on effectiveness and the bottom line.

The Defining Edge Training and Development is not just another training company; we are your exceptional customer and client experience specialists, partnering with you to create the defining edge over your competitors.

In everything we do, we believe in challenging the status quo, we believe in the potential of each person to achieve the exceptional rather than mediocrity.

Our approach is to partner with you to create world-class service standards and leaders who can inspire the people they work with, to reach beyond the standard horizons.

We understand your challenges, we aim to inspire your people.